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Slot popular promotion, ranked

Hello every customer, today we will introduce a great promotion. A model that can not be found anywhere, which promotion that we have taken is a promotion from the slotxo camp itself, which will tell you that each promotion is the most bang What promotions will be available? Let’s go and see.

The first promotion is a new subscription promotion. Apply for membership with SLOTXOTH today, receive a free 60% bonus up to 500 baht, just apply for membership and make a deposit. Get the first 60% bonus, a minimum of 100 baht. Only new members are eligible to receive a 60% first deposit bonus up to 500 baht. Members depositing for the first time a minimum of 100 will receive a 30% bonus.
Recommend a friend, refer a friend, get 20% free credit immediately, friends must apply for membership through the referrer’s link only. Friends must have a minimum first deposit of 300 and receive a bonus only (maximum 100 baht per 1 time) and can also invite unlimited.
And the most organized promotion is more than that, the minimum deposit promotion is 1 baht, the withdrawal is at least 100, and you can win hundreds of thousands of money. SLOTXOTH members make a minimum deposit of 1 baht, withdraw a minimum of 100 baht. Win a hundred thousand !! This kind of extreme promotion is available only at SLOTXOTH website !!
When you collect 300 points, you can exchange them for 30 credits, the redeemed credit will be in the wallet system. Let members choose to transfer from wallet to credit. The credits earned will be displayed on the game page. * Conditions * Members who receive credit from redemption Must have a total of 2,000 play to be able to withdraw 200 baht, this free credit will not be able to count the turn together with any member’s balance.
And there are many more promotions waiting for you. No, you can’t apply now.